Cant attend my own baby shower

I’m a ftm expecting a little girl in November. I am working overseas atm along with my husband. And it’s been so hard for me. Not only is the culture and healthcare extremely different here(I have to bring my own hospital gown or else I’ll be naked, and they don’t believe in epidurals, and if you win the fight on it it’s not strong it’ll be like they gave you tylenol type of different here) but we are also alone. I’m working at an office where those ppl don’t really become your friends they’re just there. And his friends are all at a different stage in life than us. My mom asked me when we are off because she wants to do a zoom baby shower. And that really really annoyed me. I don’t even know what that means. How will that even work baby showers you play games, you talk to the family, spend time with family, open gifts, there is a time difference between us. And honestly I’m more upset than annoyed because Ik she means well but all my family and his family will get together and I’ll be “attending” my baby shower through a screen. I won’t be a part of it, what am I supposed to do just sit there and watch everyone talk watch everyone have a good time, watch someone open all the baby’s and my gifts, watch them eat my grandmas cooking, all while I’m sitting in my kitchen. It’s my first baby shower and I can’t attend.