5 month old eating every 3 hours

Moni • 💙🧸

My baby is 25 weeks, he will be 6 months in a week or so amd he still eats every 3 hours around 5oz give or take. I have tried giving him a bigger bottle 6-7oz every 4-5 hours and it is not happening. He won’t take it completely and after two hours will start to fuss because he is hungry again. Also starts to cry so waiting is not an option when he is hungry.

In 24h he drinks 33oz give or take. He is a big baby, weighing 20lb already 😁 He was born big 10lb,

98% and 22inches. He is already 28inches long/tall.

We are starting solids, I have started giving him purées before his bottle at midday. I was thinking giving him some before his afternoon bottle as well.

Anyone else with a baby who has an appetite? Him not being satisfied with milk does that mean I should start more serious with purees? I was starting more for fun, getting him used to different tastes and so.

Also anyone else who doesn’t have their almost 6month old on a schedule yet so I don’t feel like shit? He fights his naps with all the strength he got so getting him to sleep lately is him crying some time before passing from exhaustion I guess 😑

When did you start with a schedule and how strict you were with it?

Thanks 🙏🏻