Am I right for being frustrated?


I’m 22 weeks pregnant almost and my husband left his job because of poor management. He had an interview today for a company and gave it his all. He came home and talked about it and told me he didn’t like the environment and the company doesn’t offer vacation time, paid time off, unpaid time off or paternity leave. My mother in law (my husbands mom) asked how the interview went and we told her. We told her that he might take the job if he gets hired but he wants to find a new job before I give birth because he wants to be able to be home for the first week after the baby is born. I’m frustrated because she doesn’t understand why that matters to me. It’s not time you’ll get back, it’s important and precious and it’s our first child. His mom was like “well if you take the job you don’t want to quit” but at the same it’s like well with this company you only get 5 days off all year. He mentioned that what happens if our child gets sick and needs a day off and the guy said “You can call in for 5 days but that’s all you get but that’s not a path you want to go down”. Do I have a write to be frustrated? Like his MIL expects me to be at her house after the baby is born if he takes that job. Like no I’ll stay at my own apartment.