Would this be annoying to you too?

Whenever my sister wants to talk I’m always there but EVERY time I want to talk it’s like she just “tolerates” me. Even if we’re texting. She just says “cool” “that’s good” “fun” “good job” to everything and it doesn’t even make sense sometimes. Like I told her I got the cutest candles and she responds with “good job”. but if it’s something about her she sends paragraphs and is the type that is always on her phone. If we’re talking on the phone sometimes she just goes silent or she will even cut me off or say “oh well” about everything I say. It’s to the point I don’t even want to talk to her anymore. It’s annoying. She will talk my ear off about her life and stuff though and she’s constantly calling me and texting me about her day which is fine but She’s the type of person that compares how much better she is than me because she’s married and planning a family. Idk I just find it annoying and like she just uses me to “dump” her daily frustrations but doesn’t give a shit about me or my life. And you can’t point it out/talk to her about it or she says you’re gaslighting her or she’s just focusing on herself.

We’re both 27.