Did I do anything wrong?

rissa • mommy to two perfect girls ♥️ 09.01.19 | 03.29..2021

I had a dr appointment at 4 today for ppd and my mom came along with me. I told my husband that I would bring him dinner on my way back home, but that my mom wanted to take me out since I literally never ever get a break from the kids. He completely flipped out. My dr office is 25 mins away and we were gonna eat while we waiting for my prescription at the restaurant right next door. . He expected me to leave the doctors and drive all the way home to bring him and the kids food (it’s only 5 at this point I’d have been home with dinner for everyone by 6) and then go all the way back to get my prescription and dinner with mom. He then proceeded to break up with me. I still rush home, bring him food and he still ate his food and broke up with me and told me I’m a crazy selfish bitch. I’m wondering if what I did was really that bad..

When I say husband it’s just force of habit but we are not officially married yet.