“Holding baby too much”

“She’s holding the baby too much” I heard this twice both from my mom & MIL. Quite frankly, it’s annoying.

I have a newborn who’s literally 11 days old.

She hates her bassinet. Hates being swaddled. Does not like to lay on her back. The times she is able to stay on her back without crying she’s woken up by coughing up and spitting up milk. It literally sounds like she’s choking. On top of that she’s been congested in the chest area for a few days. (Pediatrician appointment soon). She’s been a little more fussy and crying more the last two days or so. Therefore, I do spend a lot of our day holding her and comforting her. Which I’m thankful for because I get to spend this time with her. We go for walks. Try tummy time. I sing and speak to her and of course all she does is eat and sleep. I also allow her to sleep on my chest because on her stomach she does not sound congested and she does not cough or spit up milk. I will continue to do so until the pediatrician can give me some insight as to what’s going on with her. She has a mamaRoo which she’ll tolerate for some time but when she’s fussy or uncomfortable I do hold her because Why am I just allowing her to cry. So that i don’t “spoil” her. 🙄