Is this what it's like having teen parents

My mom and dad had me at 15 and 16. They never married but refer to each other as husband and wife. So I'm 17 and have a 16 year old brother (did not learn their lesson) and this is pretty much how they are

Me: I like this guy Zach but this girl named Ashley likes him and she's prettier than me.

Me and dad: FUCK ASHLEY

Dad: Ashley's a hoe name. She's a hoe

Mom: Fuck yeah she's a hoe. You're gorgeous baby. Let's go shopping and build some confidence.

Dad: Take my card, DO NOT go over 250 and nothing too slutty. Also don't give it up on the first night. Make him work for it

Mom: You better make him work for it. And make him understand if you're not getting off nobody is getting off

Me: JESUS!!!

Conversation they had with my 16 year old brother who's bisexual

Brother: I'm going to Derricks

Dad: Take a condom.

Brother: Dad we are just friends.

Dad: Me and your mom where."Just friends". Next thing you know you got 2 Kids and are living in your parents basement

Brother: What? How... How with that even be possible with Derrick?

Dad: You guys have sex, you fall in love. You're advantage teens in love and become the school it couple. Then you find out Derrick is a hoe and gave you an STD when he cheated and you think nobody will want you so you stay with Derrick just to feel loved and 6 years layer he feels you getting ready to leave because hes a POS so he says he wants to settle down and have a family so you adopt 2 twins who parents died in a car accident and then Derrick gambles away all your money so you move back in here.where you live in our basement faking your happiness for the kids to keep your family together while Derrick puts in no effort and you slowly die inside while he gets some yummy on the side.

Brother: Ill bring the condom...

Me and my mom talking about my ex best fucking my boyfriend

Mom: Fuck her brother

Me: Mom!

Mom: You find him cute. Fuck him. Worse case scenario he doesn't like you back. Best case scenario you get a cute guy who you can fuck in her bed.

I love my parents and they always have our back... They're just really out there

I want to add I didn't really mean it as a bad thing. My parents are very odd but perfect for each other and I can talk to them about anything

Edit: That stupid story my dad told my brother wasn't about us. We never lived in a basement. My mom and dad got an apartment through a program that helps teen parents. They're also not the type to stay together for the kids. The love tf out of each other. Kids know when their parents hate each other. Also !y dad makes up weird scenarios all the time. Its his way of trying to from being dumb. My parents are definitely in no way perfect but they're the only parents we got and they know when to be serious and when to be.whatever the hell they are lol.