Needing to vent

So I’ve known this friend of mine for like 8 years *chick* . We got pretty close throughout the years, she was kinda of like a sister to me . Well I finally left my mental abusive toxic relationship after almost 11 years! Well my daughter and I are practically homeless . The thing is She had a ton of places that she rents out, anyways she knew right away when I left Bc well I thought I could always go to here for anything. Anyhow she told me she didn’t have any that were available! I get it, life is crazy with covid and ppl needing places to live . In the past month she told me she was kicking some out and she has to rent them out !! Well of coarse she DOESNT even offer me a place 🤬🥲! Like thanks you know the situation I’m in . She then text me telling me she has rented them out finally . Like oh wth do you want me to say. I am very upset and she keeps telling me go back with your ex ! Like he has a house you will have a place to live bla bla ! Minus she still hangs out with my ex and his friends! I am seriously ready to cut her off . I think she just always listens and sides to him and what he says ! So much for a friendship and saying oh if you need anything I’m always here for you !!!