Terminal lucidity how does it happen and what could this mean


Terminal lucidity is the unexplained mystery on why many people regain all lucidity or consciousness before death. Many of these people are in comas, or lost all cognitive abilities and somehow regain them right before they die.

One of the most shocking cases was of a women in her 20s in Germany. She was in a mental hospital she was born with severe mental illnesses that made it so she could never talk or even had any awareness of her surroundings. Her family was notified that she did not have much longer to live so her family came to visit her for one last time before she died. To everyone’s amazement the 30 minutes before she died, she was able to speak to her family intellectually. She carried on conversation with her mom and dad like she was a completely different person. She also sang a song. This was someone who never had the ability to talk or be aware of her surroundings since birth. This was observed and recorded by three well respected doctors. (There are medical experts that question the authenticity of this report, but the doctors who recorded this phenomenon were considered well respected doctors).

I’m not a very religious person and always was skeptical about life after death. But this phenomenon really has me thinking if there is a connection to these people becoming lucid because they are switching over to a afterlife. Or maybe there is some scientific explanation on why this is a common occurrence I really don’t know. Thought this was extremely interesting and wanted to hear other people’s thoughts on this.