Idk what to do… advice?


I just moved in with my boyfriend/baby daddy in April from TX to CA. I’ve lived with my parents with my baby since she was born, she’s now 2. My family and I recently lost my father in February and it’s been very hard for our family to cope, but we’re coping. I actually postponed moving out here to be there with my family for a few months. Since moving out here, my mother and my uncle helped move me in, which my boyfriend appreciated a lot since they bought us many nice things like a TV and essentials. In June, my mother and my grandmother visited us for two weeks. It upset my boyfriend (even tho he’s at work all day) that we decided to go to San Francisco for a few days without him. But we all went together (including my boyfriend) to Yosemite and my mom payed for the whole trip to stay in a cabin. He really really appreciated that. However, I said it was okay for them to take the baby for two weeks back to TX. He was really upset with me Becuase I didn’t include him in that decision. I apologized as I’m not used to making decisions with another person. I’d been raising my baby on my own and made every decision for her, with my parents helping me. We’re seeing a counselor who said we needed to make decisions as a couple regarding our baby and so I understood where I went wrong allowing them to take her and not asking him if it was okay. However, since then my mom has asked if she can come visit by herself to see the baby for her birthday in October for a few days. He said no. And now I don’t know what to say to her. And I feel so ugly having to turn her away becuase we lost our dad, and I don’t want to push the only parent I have left away. What should I do? Should I talk to my boyfriend to reconsider? Or how should I let down my mom in the least painful way? He said it was okay that my mom and siblings came to visit in January for New Years, which will be nice. But my mom wanted to see my daughter for her birthday like I said.. what should I do?