Had o get piercings redone...piercer was awkward..shop drama..should I tip 2nd time?

So me and my bf had to get our piercings redone that we got about a week ago. They were crooked. Mine was my tounge and it was actually hitting my teeth and wouldn't let me rest my tounge in the proper spot. My boyfriend got his redone last week she told me to take mine out and come back in a week, fine.

But like ? The whole time she was way awkward. I've been to this place a hand full of times and she doesn't usually act like that. Barely talked to us or looked at us. Was very short with us, even seemed kinda annoyed.

I called two days in a row prior trying to see if it was a good time to come in and the newer receptionist was trying to bullshit me about getting them redone..the second day I called the receptionist told the piercer I was talking shit or something about the quality of work. She tried muffling the phone.

...Maybe she doesn't ever have to redo piercings so she was uncomfortable..idk. or it was because the receptionist was stirring the pot.

Idk..next time I go in I'm probably gonna say something to the piercer to clear it up or at least give the piercer the heads up the receptionist was causing unnecessary drama. Or don't even worry about it?....i just go here often and don't want to stop going because of the situation.

.......also just out of curiosity, should I tip the second time getting it redone? I tipped 10 Last time. It's free this time but it's slightly inconvenient having to get my tounge redone for something that's not my fault. But I am understanding to the fact maybe she was having an off day.