baby won’t let me put him down

my baby is 3 months old and he never lets me put him down.. i’ve tried everything.

he just SCREAMS and i’m not talking like a baby cry, i’m talking full blown bloody murder cry (red until purple, choking on own spit, whole body stiff/shaking) and then it’ll take ages for him to calm down again. i’ve even just tried walking away and letting him cry, he screamed for 40 minutes with no end in sight before i picked him up again.

he won’t sit in a bobbi, a swing, car seat (which is probably the worst, he HATES the car seat and driving in the car and screams the ENTIRE car ride, which sucks because his doctor is an hour away..) anything or anywhere, not even if i’m right next to him.

i can’t even put him down while he naps because he instantly wakes up as soon as i put him down and starts screaming.

my partner isn’t here right now because he had to go to his aunts funeral so it’s just me and the baby, i haven’t been able to shower fully or eat an actual meal in over a week..

idk what to do, he won’t even play by himself, i have to sit him in my lap and he’ll play

please someone help, i exclusively pump feed (he won’t breast feed i’ve tried a million times he’ll just scream on my breast, even the lactation consultant was getting annoyed and just told me to stop, which is how i started pump feeding. i know he can latch though) so i have to put him down for 20 minutes every 2-3 hours and the entire time he screams as if i’m leaving him for dead, even though he’s sitting right in front of me !

EDIT: tried wrap and baby carrier, he only sits in in if he’s sleepy but won’t actually fall asleep in it, he’ll just start to wiggle and then scream. hes always hated being swaddled or wrapped up so we had to switch to sleep sacks fairly early. i WISH he would let me put him down for 10 minutes. as soon as he touches any surface that’s not me or my partner- blood curdling screaming

EDIT 2: wouldn’t me putting him down during pump sessions count as putting him down and picking him back up ? if so then i do do that at least 10 times a day. i’ve been alone with him for 2 weeks and my partner isn’t coming back for another month or two.. at 3 (almost 4) months i would’ve thought he’d out grow this at least a little bit