what’s your opinions?😅

i hope this is allowed , it’s not about my relationship.

I’m posting this anonymously just to be safe.. i need to get my rant out and i feel like this is a safe place to do so. 😅

living in a small town everybody knows everything or at least thinks that they do. well one of my friends was sneaking around with this married man. if you talk to her or him, there was a 95% chance that you knew about their little affair. said guy.. (we’re gonna call him Alex) .. Alex had been saying for years him and his wife were going to divorce and have yet to do so.

but of course his wife heard through the grapevine about the situation, they both deny everything and all him and his wife do is argue (understandably. - i don’t know their story or what theyve been through. i never spoke to him previously)

From what my friend has told me in previous situations and conversations between her and Alex , he gets mad at her for being around any other guys , for doing basically anything besides hanging out with him… while he goes home at the end of the day to his wife.

me and my friend ( calling her Susan) we started getting closer. One day there was a group of us hanging out and Susan tells me that Alex says that me and this other girl were planning to jump Susan and that i was giving out locations so the other girl could keep tabs on her. Keep in mind, this is a small town.. everybody knows everything.. why would i have to give locations out in a town where there’s not even a red light?😂 and if you knew me you’d know that that’s not something I’d ever do. I confronted him and he says he never said that. He told me to ask the girl i was supposedly supposed to be jumping Susan with. Now why would i ask her about a lie you made up about her.. and me🤔

Fast forward to yesterday. Alex confronts my fiancé and says “your girlfriend made a fake account and texted my wife and was saying things that Susan only told her and if this continues to happen I’ll be coming for you.” keep in mind.. this is a small town. everyone knows and sees everything. but somehow I’m still put in the middle of the crossfire. i don’t have time in my life to be going the extra mile to make a fake Facebook and text his wife and i also don’t care enough to do all of that.

i asked Susan what all of it was about, and she ignored me. so at this point I’m not even sure if she was really my friend if she’s being gullible enough to believe that i would really do that.

I just needed to get my rant out and if this doesn’t make since i apologize but it’s a lot of drama and i left a lot of things out. Thanks for reading, you’re welcome to leave your opinions and thoughts for me to read 😅