Conversation with daycare


I need help with how to approach a situation with my daycare provider. First off, she is in home/private care. Second off I live rurally, so providers are few and far between, and usually booked (so just switching wouldn’t be easy). My kid (soon to be 2 kids) only need to go two days a week. My concern is I’ve seen babies in their car seats daily, propped with bottles. With my first son I took there, I bought a special fisher price chair/lounger for him because she asked me to leave his car seat and I told her I wasn’t comfortable with that. With this child my husband and I will be alternating drop off and pick ups so I’ll have no choice but to leave the seat so he can take him home. How can I tell her that I do not want her doing that with my new baby without making her upset? It seems common sense but she’s older and I think it’s just something she’s done forever. 😩