Waiting to have my miscarriage…

Samantha • •Living in wondrous chaos💞 •Mama to Isaac (6yrs) && Vayda (6mos) •Due with baby #3😮‍💨♥️ •Engaged to the love of my life {10.2.22}

I’m 6 weeks today, as of yesterday my hcg levels are only ✨31✨😮‍💨

I’ve got my pads stocked and ready. My acetaminophen on my nightstand and my heating pad on my pillow.

Honestly? If it’s going to happen I wish it would just do it already so I can continue trying. This waiting game is extremely frustrating!😫

Hugs to any other mamas out there going through the same thing or something similar! Test line decrease are posted..🥺😭