Just found out I have a twins at 9weeks

I had an early scan at 6 week and We were able to see 1 baby and heartbeat.

For some reasons, I thought I would have twins because my hcg is a bit higher than normal range. So I asked dr if its really just 1 baby. He said yes one. I was relieved.

Suddenly at 9week the second baby shows up! We were so shocked. I mean it’s an exciting new. But at a first time parents we are a bit nervous. And I’m hoping that i still can do natural birth.

Both babies are healthy so thats a good news!

They have a different placentas and sac. Dr said we have to do dna test to find out for sure if it’s identical or none. So we will do that around 11 week.

What do you think it would be? Also any tips on carrying twins?