What is going on lol


Ok so I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second. At 31 weeks I had sex and I ended up having contractions 2 minutes apart for hourssss. Went to the hospital, was 1cm dilated & they gave me medicine to stop the contractions.

Fast forward to last Saturday, I had sex again, I had contractions 2-3 minutes apart from 5:30 PM to 5 AM.

I know for a fact they were real contractions and not Braxton hicks, but I’m stubborn and I didn’t go to the hospital. They ended up going away. But ever since then, I’ve had very dull and uncomfortable lower back pain, lots of pressure in my butthole, I can feel my uterus occasionally contract but nothing like the contractions that were 2 minutes apart, I’ve lost some of my mucus plug, I randomly got nauseous and then had diarrhea last night out of nowhere.

I feel like these are all signs that labor is coming very very soon, no?