Baby Girl OR Baby Boy?

Erika • 👨‍👧👼🏻🌈👩🏻‍🍼

I just had my beautiful baby girl last year in April & now I’m pregnant again with another April baby. I know every pregnancy is different but could it be that my symptoms are complete opposite from my previous but I’m having another girl? Or is it because I’m actually having a boy?

Like the biggest 2 differences is I have no morning sickness at all but last pregnancy I was at 4w3d with horrible morning sickness which is why I decided to test but now I’m at 5w5d & there is no morning sickness anywhere. The other major difference is that I am so tired al day every day! No matter how many naps I take, how many hours I sleep at night, I’m so tired but with my baby girl the tiredness didn’t hit until I was in the 3rd trimester.

Both hubby & I are as excited as we were last time but of course we’re so anxious to know if it’s a boy or a girl. How was your 2nd pregnancy in comparison to your 1st & did you have the same gender as the 1st or different?