Im losing my mind.


Okay so this journey has been rough for me. I've been officially ttc for about a year now. But over have been trying off and on for 6 years. At this point I don't know how else to feel. So I started clomid and I've finished 2 cycles with it now. I'm due to start my period between 2 and 5 days. My boyfriend and I were feeling so hopeful that this would be our cycle. But as of this morning I've had yet another negative test. I have 1 more cycle to go with clomid before my dr sends me to a different one to try and figure something out. At this point I want to stay positive and hopeful but I dont know if I just tested to early and should wait to see if I start or not. Bit also a part of me wants to give up and I know I shouldn't. I've heard ppl say stay positive you'll have your time. Even my boyfriend says that. But i need help. I know stress isn't good when your trying. Here lately there's been a lot of it. I need some insiders on how to help handle stress maybe or if there is anything else I should try to do to help. Someone help I feel like im looking my mind.