Botched lip filler


On July 31st I went to get my lips done with what I thought was great doctor. She had great reviews and had many people loving her work with lip enhancement and multiple other procedures.

For the first few days I was super happy with how they turned out and I liked them so much. But after a week or so I started to notice that some lumps weren’t changing at all whereas there were some that started to noticeably go down.

I have 3 large lumps on my upper lip that don’t show only when I smile they do, and my bottom lip has one side with multiple lumps clustered together and the other side has one long streak lump.

My lips look super uneven and they even make my teeth look crooked when I smile. I hate how they turned out, and I’m scared of going back to the doctor that did them because she might try to talk me into getting them injected again, and I am very gullible…

I don’t want to pay any more than I have and I really don’t like how my lips have turned out…

I don’t know what to do, do I go to her and demand my money back and order a lawsuit or something? I live in Australia and I honestly don’t know how things work when someone who has a supposedly good reputation and has experience and many certificates for their work. Are her certificates fake? Are the reviews fake?

Did I get set up?

I will provide photos of my lips from 30 minutes ago. And you be the judge. What do I do? Someone please advise me…

I’m making the photos blurred as tmi because I know some people don’t like seeing such stuff.

Also: apparently she injected 1.2ml.. I don’t believe her but that’s what the end results are.

You can see the lumps on my top lip even when I’m not trying.

This one was on the same day of the lip injections

This one on 8th of august. 8 days later.