am i wrong for being upset??

my husband can never say no..seems like he rathers be on good terms with other people than is our anniversary and i at least expect to have dinner and enjoy the rest of the night..well my grandma called my husband talking bout they should do a cookout..and invite other family members..this was last week when she called..and he never told me until today talking bout " take your grandma to the grocery store" iam like for what and he is like so we can do a coockout later iam like wtf why u just now telling me? he said he forgot😒🤦🏻‍♀️ and i said well cant we do it sunday cause today is our day and he said well your grandma wants to do it today because she has church on sunday..oh ok..first of all i dont fuck with my mom she is toxic and a liar and my grandma i bearly fuck with her bcause i bearly see her and its the same with other family members..wat iam trying to say is that i dont have a close relationship with either or....bcause they are all toxic..but with my husband is a different they always calling him to do stuff and go somewhere bcause he just cant say no..they kno not to call me cause iam going to say mom always calling him my grandma always calling him like tfs

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