My 2 year old won't eat dinner.

Ericka • Baby boy arrived April 30th 2019

Dinner time is by far the most frustrating meal for us. My son won't even try his food. I started a meal program called <a href="">Nurture</a>. It was inexpensive ($3 per meal) and offers variety. I ordered the top 6 to try. All he wants to eat is pancakes, p b & j and Mac n cheese. 🙄 I've tried not giving him snacks later in the day, hoping he'll be hungry enough to try the food. It is all "toddler" food. Noodles in red sauce, chicken nuggets, mac n cheese with hidden veggies. But he won't Even try it. I've tried just offering it, not pestering him. But he ends up not eating anything then asks for snacks. Anyone else going through this? What are any tips to help get past this stage.