Overweight/obesity & pregnancy .

Hello all!

This is my second pregnancy, I had my daughter November of last year.

With her I started out at about 203, and ended up in the hospital at 255 the day I was admitted and had her.

My OB never voiced a concern about my weight gain with my daughter , but if it’s preventable . I don’t want it to happen again. 🙄

I’ve read that if you’re obese or overweight you should only gain 15-20 pounds max, which I am considered obese .

Obviously this is something that I will eventually talk to my OB about, just curious if anyone has gained very minimal weight while pregnant, while also still having a healthy pregnancy. If so howd ya do it?

I started this one out at about 205-208, and I’m down to 200.6 today (I always lose weight before I gain while pregnant.)