18 weeks mommas

How we feeling?

I am: ❤ loving the little flutters

🙄annoyed easily

❤ the site of holiday stuff & wanna cry over decorations lol (love the hormones right lol)

😁 cravings have been pretzels with mustard and anything breakfast related with mustard and Starbucks pink drinks

🤮 vomiting has slowed down but I have had some naseauted moments in 2nd trimester since about week 14 before that I was sick every day since finding out I was pregnant and was diagnosed with hyperphensis.

🤷‍♀️ some days I don't care about having pajamas on all day and others I feel like putting on my leggings and getting fall shit done lol.

I am sleeping here and there at night but I am tired 😫

Anyone else??! How we feeling mommas?