amniocentesis recommended by dr


At my 18 week ultrasound they noticed a thickened nuchal fold of 6.58 mm. They recommended the NIPT and I got the bloodwork back as negative (which I know only means baby is lower risk, it’s not a definitive negative diagnosis). But also had me go to another place for an additional, more in depth ultrasound. I went today and they noticed the nuchal fold has thickened to a little over 7mm since my last ultrasound 5 weeks ago (I’m now 23 weeks along), and 3 tiny holes found in my babies heart. The doctor reassured me that the holes are very tiny, have the possibility of closing between now and birth, and that my baby girl could be born with them and it not be a major cause for concern. But because these are now 2 markers, they are recommending the amniocentesis testing. My gut is telling me not to risk the testing… I am going to keep and love my baby no matter what (especially considering how far along I am), so why risk anything at all just for some confirmation? My baby is perfectly healthy otherwise, everything else looks great and she’s growing right on track. So is it really worth the risk? I’m just looking for some insight on this because I am at a loss. Or any good questions for the genetic counselor who is supposed to call me next week? I want to make sure I ask all the right things and am ready when they call.

I have another appointment scheduled for a couple weeks from now in order to look more in-depth at babies heart too..