Getting annoyed with him

I was with my boyfriend (now ex) for only a month. He had BIG plans for us. Like he was hoping that I’d become pregnant and he was ready to marry me, move in with me, etc. I ended up breaking up with him and now I’m with someone else. But he STILL has hope. He’s telling me that he doesn’t want to move on and every time I see him he’s tryna kiss me and hold me and just be the boyfriend that he’s not. And he keeps bringing up the same conversation multiple times a day, he talks about it for HOURS. About how he wanted things to go differently. Asks me to make a choice between being with him and being with my boyfriend, a choice I have clearly already made. And he asks me what I do with my now boyfriend like do I kiss him, do I have sex with him. He gets very invasive. I had him connected on my glow and took him off when we broke up and then he requested for me to connect my account with his again. I think he was just trying to monitor my sex days with my boyfriend since he knows I add that on glow. I’ve told him that I’m done talking about the whole situation and the next day he’ll just bring it up again. He’s my only friend besides my now boyfriend so I really wanted to keep him as a friend but that’s proving to be impossible. We were actually hanging out at my house when my boyfriend came to visit unannounced (which he is allowed to do), and my ex got angry and packed his stuff, and just left and slammed the door on the way out. And when I’m spending time with my boyfriend, he’ll blow up my phone nonstop. He’ll message me on every app possible. He’ll call me over and over again. Bunch of follow up texts. And then later on he’ll apologize. It’s really annoying. He’s really sensitive and I’m scared to hurt his feelings because he is a good guy but I can’t take this much longer.

@Paulina: We went to high school together but we were never friends, we never spoke. He was a grade below me. That was several years ago. I met him again 5 months ago and then we became friends but were only intimate and an official couple for a month.