Tell me if I was being insecure

So I have been with my boyfriend for 2.5 years and everything’s usually great. We do have a few disagreements here and there because we are 2 very head strong individuals. So the other day we got into it because he told me he was going to a cabin trip with his teammates (he plays college football) for his teammates’ birthday. I was like oh okay who’s going? He then proceeds to say 10 girls and 10guys but he would have his own room. I then say that sounds weird because Ik that the cabins they are looking into have maybe 7bedrooms max so I’m like well why are there so many girls going because in my head with football players and that many girls that sounds like a setup. He then proceeds to be like bae what you mean I’m gonna have a room to myself. He then proceeds to say it was a joke and there’s mostly going to be guys and he doesn’t know what girls will be going. Fast forward he’s in his room and we’re on the phone his roommate says there’s going to be 10guys and 10girls going then his roommate says he was joking it’s mostly going to be guys there. And I let it go but then the day before the supposed trip I’m driving home In crazy traffic on the phone with my BF and he says that he’s still going on the trip because a couple of days ago he said he was unsure. He then proceeds to say that he wasn’t going to go but his friend paid for him to go. This Friend is a girl by the name of Brooke. He says she wanted him to go so bad so she just paid for him. I am very calm and ask well who is Brooke I’ve never heard of this girl in my life. He then says she just in the friend group and I’m like well why I have I not heard of her. He then is like they aren’t cool like that but I’m like y’all cool enough for her to want to pay for you, so what do I need to know? He’s like bae it’s a joke. I’m like a joke, why would you keep make up jokes pertaining to this certain trip and girls. He’s like it was a bad joke. Keep in mind I’m driving home in terrible traffic and I start to cry because I don’t know what to believe at this point. We are several states away and he was to keep joking about something like this. Then proceeds to say bae it was a joke chill don’t be doing all that crying. Then wants to be like you don’t trust me ? I’m like what am I supposed to believe I would never joke like that. Then I’m like so are you trying to pick a fight with me so then we don’t really talk the day of your supposed cabin trip? He’s like nahh baee your doing too much it was a bad joke. Then he proceeds to say I’ve never cheated on you and I just want to chill with my friends then I’m like well why would you keep joking about something like that when we were several states away. He then tells me to get over it and it was a bad joke and I was thinking too much into it. I’m so just so annoyed. Within our disagreement he proceeds to consistently call me insecure and that I’m doing too much. I then tell him he’s being a bad boyfriend and I can tell that hurt his feelings. I know he has had a lot of work to do for school and he’s been stressed with that because he’s normally very sweet. But over the years of us being together I’ve noticed when he’s stressed he tends to kind of make dark jokes as his coping mechanism. He does make some jokes that I feel aren’t funny but that’s apart of his personality but I feel this was too far What do y’all think?