Giving up, getting fat these last few weeks

🌼 Betina πŸ‘ΌπŸƒπŸ‘Ά

Anyone else feel like they've just given up on trying to be fit, especially these last few weeks?

This is my second pregnancy and it's been harder than the first and deposited doing my best to stay active and eat right, I find myself being more tired and just feeling kind of jello-ey (keeping up with my 1.5 year old has got me abt as active as I feel I can be!)

So these last few weeks I feel like I've just kind of given up, which isn't boring well for my head space but my body just feels so tired even when I do workout!!

Ugh, just needing to vent I guess...

*Disclaimer: I've actually gained less wight this pregnancy and am still very much so in the healthy zone so no one freak out that I'm "not being safe" for the baby. All's well, just feeling more blobby this time round