What should I do ?

yannie • I love my family ❤️

Hello I’m really stuck on what I should do with my family . My grandmother ( mom side ) has made snarky comments like will this baby be like the other one ? Well I asked her to elaborate and she said will this baby have autism like my oldest . I politely asked her what’s wrong with him ? He’s a regular kid , loves to paint , play and eat as much as any other child🤔 . She’s like well he’s not talking , I said he doesn’t talk to you but he does talk he’s not a social kid which is fine with me we only see you all once or twice every year. This angered me so much , I’ve always had a close relationship with my grandma but she has been treating my kid like he’s different this whole trip . I m to the point where I want to cut her off . Also it annoys me when she asks weird questions like does he like regular food . I said yes he eats like any other kid where is this all coming from ? My son is very particular with his food he doesn’t like rice or macaroni .My grandma knows this we see her two times a year for the last four years. Like why start treating him different now ? He’s still the same playful kid just has a lot of social anxiety , loves being in groups does sometimes get overstimulated and then to make this random comment will the other baby have it ? Like come on grandma . I had a very healthy pregnancy with my son he didn’t regress until he was about 17 months when I put him in daycare and he stopped talking & wanted to be by himself ( after 2 months I took him out and got him in services ). He’s a much happier kid now and is attached at my hip . It angers me when she puts this random stigma on my child . We’ve come sooo far , he can talk , he can write , he loves numbers & alphabet . Hell he’s even on the baseball team , you don’t treat people weird because they’re different we all are different accept them for who they are .