Am I weird ? / tattoos with my BF

So , my boyfriend and myself decided we wanted to do something spontaneous …. So I decided I wanted to get my ears pierced I ended up getting piercings and a tattoo lol

My 1st tattoo & even though they both were a little uncomfortable they didn’t hurt really just annoying 🤣 and the tattoo artist said we’re I got it it was gonna hurt .

So for the weird thing a couple of questions,

1 . I’m 23 and I still fear my mom and she may tie me to a steak n burn me (just joking but she’s gonna be pissy) that I got tattoo and piercing & I don’t even live with her . Would you still be scared 🤣🤣

2 . I know sometime ppl get like couples tattoo, we did not but I wanna see yours ….

Also the artist I whend to was really good with color it’s a thistle 😊