Is he cheating?

Hello girlss , so its been one week now since I didn’t see my bf and almost 2 weeks since we last had sex! I ve been around him and i would clearly say that I want to have sex and he would say how much tired and exhausted he is because of working all day! And he would promise to have sex the next day! Yet when the next day comes he postponed once again for the same reason!

I made it clear that I don’t like what he is doing!

Those days , someone would text him all time with none stop even at 2 AM ,and he would run immediately to his phone! When I asked who it was he said it was his younger brother!

He apologized once again,and said that he is making food for me and going to take care of me last time i ve seen him last week!

The same day while at work he would text and say his friend is visiting him and staying for few days!

I was like its ok ,have fun with your friend.during those days , he won’t answer my calls and would reply to my text hours later, sometimes around 3 in the morning!

I was sick the last 2 days and he said that he is sorry he wasn’t able to take care of me while i was tired and alone! I d say its ok i m recovering! Once again,he invited me to go spend the night with him and said that he misses me and wants to have some quality time beside sex! I was very excited cuz your girl here is horny lol yet something deep down was telling me he will cancel for some reason!

I was waiting and waiting and even called him and ofc no answer lol. He texted 2hours later! And he said his father(lives in another city) broke his leg and he is already in town to see him! I felt so sorry for his dad, and asked him to keep me posted because i really am worried about his father!

About 4 hours later, i texted him and then even called ( yes i m dumb) and ofc he won’t answer lol)

It feels like he is cheating on me! What do you girls think!

Please tell me what to do!

So update!!

He texted good morning, i waited a while and then i asked again about his father and i am so pissed i sent a message where i bring all i ve been noticing lately and said how this does bother me!

He called me a whore and possessive bitch and said that i am childish stupid slut because his father is very sick and thats all he can think of and All i think of him not texting me back!

I blocked him , i m never going back with him again!