Am I right?


We invited my MIL to my sons 2nd birthday to have things cordial. Well she showed up late and showed up with and attitude. She doesn’t like me I’m like the worst person ever in her eyes. She does witchcraft (separation candles etc) on me and her son. She basically dropped him and his sister off at the age of 4. None of that is any problem but he’s never gave her the title “mom” due to his grandma on his dads side raising him. Ever since he’s gotten with me and chose to start a family she’s treated me like and outsider never included me only him, and tries to ONLY talk to him about OUR kids but yet still tries putting horrible things in his head and disrespects me. Well I finally stood up for myself last night and texted her. And she went and told her Mom (his grandma) along with her sister and this is what they had to say. I also have a video of what his grandma said but I’m not sure how to upload a video.