Am I being selfish?

My boyfriend is depressed behind the lost of his mom, he hates his job and he’s dealing with some legal issues. So he sleeps majority of the day and I’m taking care of our daughter all day and night pretty much alone while he’s at work. We got into an argument today because he shuts me out and tells me I’m making his life miserable because I’m nagging him to clean up and help raise our daughter. I’m pretty much a single mom in this relationship. I want us to work out but he shuts down any of my feelings and when I come to him about anything regarding how he’s treating me he tells me that since I’m pretty not appreciating him then we should take a break. I ask for the bare minimum and he doesn’t do anything. We are struggling because he wants to be the only one working and I have no problem working I still have my job on the weekends. My income could help out a lot but he refuses to go part time so I can work more than just the weekend. I told him I wanted to go back to school which I only have 7.5 months left he told me I need to give up on that until our daughter is school age . I’m stressed out too I’m pretty much doing everything alone and I’m trying to get him to understand how I feel but he keeps acting like he just don’t give a single fuck about how I feel because he has a lot on his plate. I ask him how can I help and he completely shuts me out. I try to talk to him at home & it results in us yelling at each other but when I text him while he’s at work or on break he tells me that all I’m doing is killing his mood and he’s already down so I’m just adding more to it & I need to wait til he gets home to talk about it if he’s still up for a conversation.

What should I do? I don’t understand why I’m getting treated like he hates me when I’ve tried to be there for him. He tells me I bring out the worst in him when all I try to do is understand him and try to help him in any way I can but he doesn’t open up to me.