2nd pregnancy


Hi there fellow Mommies!

This is actually my 2nd pregnancy from a 15-year interval from my 1st born. My husband and I just got married last year and it has only been a year since we planned for this pregnancy. Prior months have been quite a sad journey because it was always a failed one. But luckily, just more than 2 weeks before, we finally visited the OB for guidance etc. since we really are aiming for a baby this year. We had tests and she prescribed medicine to boost both our fertility, which was costly by the way. And to my surprise, my period was delayed. I was thinking it was because of the medicine I was taking that changed my hormones, but on the 5th day, I decided to do a pregnancy test and the moment I saw the 2 lines, I cried my heart out 🙌🏻 This blessing really came unexpectedly, who would’ve thought 🙏🏻 The joy is just exciting ❤️ It’s still early to do an ultrasound, but on our calculation - I am now on my 5th week & 1 day of pregnancy 🤰 Amazing 🥰 Pregnant at 36, turning 37 by the way ☺️ What a perfect gift!