Canceling my wedding


I’m getting married in September. I’m so excited. I found the perfect venue. Family I haven’t seen in years is coming down for it..but I can’t help but to feel guilty about throwing a wedding in this economy. Everything is going up in price. We use to have extra money to do whatever we wanted with and that was just with my fiancé working. Now it feels like we’re paycheck to paycheck because everything is becoming so expensive. It’s ridiculous. I got a part time job I just started and he was just promoted at his job. I’m hoping we get back on track but I do feel stupid sometimes taking money we can use on other things and buying fake flowers and centerpiece decorations. It just makes me sad how bad things are for everyone right now that doing something so exciting like throwing a wedding makes you feel silly for doing so. We’re not having a big wedding but regardless it’s still money. I really don’t want to cancel my wedding.