Trying to figure out if I'm pregnant again.

Edited to add: i did ovulate 10 days ago, 2 weeks after passing the sac and this was confirmed by my fertility dr. You can ovulate with low levels of hcg still in your system. Btw I do realize this post is pointless. I used 2 different brands and even in the same brand dye can pull differently. I really won't know anything until my next draw. Just missing my babies 😔

I had a blighted ovum early on, last month. Been following my hcg down with Dr and doing tests at home. I was 100 a week ago. I ran out of clinical guard tests and had a pregmate left today. The top clinical guard is from 2 days ago, fmu. The pregmate is from this morning, fmu, so just noting its darker 2 days later but its a different brand so who knows. They both have the same sensitivity of 25 miu for urine testing. I guess only time will tell. Have another draw next friday.