Any advice on this?

LO is 6 month old, she knows how to roll both ways. Lately during her sleep she rolls to tummy but starts crying because she can’t roll back the problem is not

that shes putting herself on her tummy but she keeps putting her legs between the rails & she gets stuck this happens 3-4 times at night which is causing her to be grumpy during the day since she doesn’t sleep well & I don’t either because she wakes up to eat only once but the other times is her getting stuck & not able to roll herself back. What can I do to help her? She sleeps in her sleepsack, I’ve taking her out of it but her legs still end up getting stuck in the rails. I was thinking of getting bumper but I’m afraid of suffocation I don’t let her have blankets & always try to take precaution on things. Can you list what have you used or done that help you with this problem? Thanks in advance.