Not sure if I have endo

Kristin • Age 30. TTC baby #1 for over 3 yrs. Diagnosed w/ PCOS.
I have always had heavy, irregular, painful periods. But once I turned 20, they got so bad that I was passing out from the pain. All my doctor ever did was put me on bc pills. We've been ttc #1 for over 3 yrs. My gyno diagnosed me with PCOS 3 yrs ago, but I'm not convinced. I saw a commercial about endometriosis and it was dead on. Sex is painful, so are bowel movements and/or urination at times. I have been hospitalized for ruptured ovarian cysts 2x. I have had numerous ultrasounds and always have cysts on my right ovary. I have passed out from painful cramps and back pain on more than one occasion. I often experience nausea and diarrhea during and prior to my period. My breasts become unbearably tender - many times beginning two weeks prior to my period, I also experience cramping 1-2 weeks prior to my period. I go through an obnoxious amount of super duty tampons - more than one an hour. If it weren't for the saving grace of my irregularly long cycles (anywhere from 35-90+ days), it would feel like I was PMSing almost 100% of the time. Does this sound like endo to you? Thx.