HELP! Should I get pregnant??


Me and my husband just got married in October. I was planning to wait a year after marriage to try and get pregnant, reason being that I wanted to enjoy our 1st year of marriage by traveling, save money etc. Basically being married without the responsibilities of having a child.

At this point, I am wanting to have a baby but my concern is financial stability. We both have jobs. My husband has a full time job (I'm part time) and we are living somewhat comfortably as of right now. I'm scared that if we have a baby we would struggle financially. We would be able to provide however, scared we would have to live pay check to pay check. From friends I've seen who have gotten pregnant with boyfriends are living fine, some don't even have jobs and the dad is a part time worker. Shoot, some even have more money than we do.

My question to all of you is.. when deciding on pregnancy was financial stability something you considered? At what point financially, do you see it perfect to consider having a baby? And what is your take, should we get pregnant?