Help **

So I've been out of a relationship 3 months before I met this guy and we've haven't even know each other for a month and I've met him and already had sex with him. Yes he was suppose to be a one night stand but I do like the guy. I mean before we met he would always message me or call me like he was really interested but after we had sex its like work has him busy and he barely talks to me . but just enough so that I don't think he's an asshole for having sex with me and just walking away. He does message me back when I text him and I told him my ex made me have trust issues with men. I want to be nothing but honest with this guy so when I commented on one of his pictures of a little snowman because he was in the snow he erased it. Or if I tagg him in cute pictures he says he's not into that and its annoying don't tagg him in stuff. When before he would comment or like my pictes now he doesn't but I see that he likes other girls pictures so I figured I'd just unfollow him on social media and stop talking to him all together . he says work has him busy now but I think things changed when he had sex. What should I do ??