Femara & endo

Brandy • 29 yr old SAHW. Endo and 1 ovary; DH had a VR. After 4 failed IUIs, currently Pregnant from 1st ICSI IVF cycle!!!
So I read the pamphlet for the letrozole side effects, and since it's a breast cancer medication it says it decreases the amount of estrogen your body makes. Now I already had a high estridiol result in my initial RE bloodwork, and endometriosis feeds off of estrogen. That's why Lupron works to shrink it by starving you of it and inducing menopause. 
​If I have my facts straight, then letrozole seems perfect for someone with endometriosis. Does Clomid do the same thing? I would think that they would be more readily recommended for people with endo who want to conceive since you can't take the birth control to suppress your hormones that you would need when not trying to conceive. 
​My RE explained it to me that all it does is turn off my receptors for estrogen so the brain thinks I'm not getting enough estrogen so it creates follicle-stimulating hormone. All this information is kind of conflicting and I don't know which to believe. Does anyone know for sure what this medication does to your glands or your estrogen receptors or your ability to produce hormones?
​I'm just trying to educate myself because it seems like there has just not been enough research done on endo considering how common it is. We suffer Too Much.