Huge speed bump in baby making

I just got results from my second pap that came back with high grade abnormal precancerous cells. My first was in August and I had a LEEP procedure and it was simply awful. I thought that was it. I was given medical advice to wait 12 months after my procedure so that I am properly healed. 12 MONTHS! 😫 I thought that was the worst news I could possibly hear! But it's not. My results from pap 2 weeks ago were highly abnormal again. Now I just want to be healthy and not have to worry about the word cancer at 27 years old. Also I am worried what does this mean for fertility in the future? I am so sad 😔 and just looking for someone in a similar situation who maybe has gone on to create a beautiful family. My SO has been wonderful but needing a woman who has been there to tell me it is going to be ok. 😪