Advice ?

Cynthia • 20, engaged and ttc.
Okay back story over the course of the last two weeks I have lost 3 quarter sized pieces of slimy stuff which I was told should be my mucus plug . I got my membranes stripped Tuesday afternoon . Since last night I have been losing a seriously excessive amount of slimy stuff . I took a bath and so many little slime balls came out I had to shower right after cuz I could feel the slimy was on my skin . And then this morning wasn't so bad but I just went to the bathroom and another big clump of slime came out and I tried to stick my fingers up in my vagina to see if I could pull what was left out and it's like the entire inside of my vagina is filled with slime to the point I couldn't stick my fingers that far in there . Does anyone know what's going on ? I'm started to really get concerned . I've been having contractions since Friday but nothing hard enough to dilate me . It's not discharge . It is literally thick sticky slime balls