Implantation after preseed

Amanda • I am 23, engaged to be married, our first is a beautiful 5 y/o angel in heaven, We lost her April 2015, miscarried our second October 2014, we are waiting for our rainbow after the storm. (Ttc 2yrs)
okayyy, soooo I am 8 dpo today! Yesterday I woke up with a headache and was experiencing very mild backaches and period-like cramps off and on, and now today I am also experiencing very mild period like cramps off and on. Well I tried pressed for the first time all through my fertile window. My period is not due for another week. Anyways, me and hubby just bd and after I went to the bathroom and there was blood on the paper not much at all and now its completely gone. I have never experienced this so I am very hopeful that this is implantation bleeding since the timing makes perfect sence....I cant wait to find out....but until then what are you thinking based on all I just told you. (Wont let me post a pic ugh,)