Sperm...maybe TMI?

Mama0301 • Proud mother of an angel 💕
So my SO is beginning to think there is something wrong with his sperm count because I haven't become pregnant after allost a year now...this will also be his baby #1. To help he has been trying to drink a lot of water and googling ways to increase his ejaculation amount as well ad taking multivitamins and another natural supplement that he read is supposed to help. He says he feels that nothing really comes out when he orgasms during sex and maybe thats why i havent become prego..anyone know anything about this? He had gone to the Dr and took the medicine the Dr prescribed and they said it should help with the amount that comes out...i feel like its crucial for us to have sex since im ovulating but i am not sure if in this case it is more effective to lay off the sex a couple days for him to replenish or have sex every day.