My boyfriend is crazy

... Ok ladies.. Serious problem.. Serious concerns... Serious frustration... Serious insecurities..
​It's been 1 year since my boyfriend and I started dating.. We use to have sex.. Hmm maybe 3-5 times a day.. Never missed a chance.. In April was the first time he's ever gone down on a woman.. everything changed.. He loves going down on me now.. And some how he has convinced himself that he is going to get me pregnant.. By rubing clothes to clothes.. Or by touching himself (not ejaculating) and touching my thighs.. Nothing near my vagina.. He has gone completely mad.. If we fool around and I don't wash my hands right away or if we fool around and I shower right after.. He freaks out!! We haven't since April had sex.. I know he is worried about me getting pregnant.. But I don't understand.. We have never once not used a condom.. We always practice safe sex and I'm on the pill.. He says it's not good enough.. Idk what happen.. I've asked him over and over .. Still he has such self control.. I'm completely impressed, yet sexually frustrated.. Fooling around is just not working... I've found myself loosing touch.. Interest in him.. And I've seen a change in me I'm not use to.. Depression.. I've agree to try an implant birth control that I'll be scheduling soon.. But I need some advice as to how to spice up my love life without the sex.. I love him with all my heart... He is a good man to me.. I've just been so mean lately due to the frustration I hold against him..