6DPO brown blood and heartbroken

This morning I checked my cervix it high soft and closed then I pulled out to look to see what my CM was and i found light brown blood mixed with watery consistency on my finger. normally when I get light brown blood my period usually follows with 2 to 4 days. I then went to check my cervix close to 5 hours later and it was high soft and open extremely open if I wanted to I could stick my pinky finger into the open hole that's how open it was. this time though my CM was watery with light brown blood and I had pulled out some CM that was stretchy I could stretch it about more than an inch and a half but couldn't tell the true color of it because it was mixed with light brown blood. I'm so confused because this has never happened with my cervix this close to period and i'm completely devastated because I know I'm not pregnant. Why can't getting pregnant just be easy for us TTC ladies?