Surgery, Pain && Hope!★☆★

Ashley Nicole • TTC baby #2!?
Back in July 2011. I found out that I was pregnant. This was my second baby. I was 5-6 weeks. I found out on June 28th,2 days before my birthday, I was going to miscarry worst feeling ever. So then I found out after that I needed to get an emergency surgery for my appendix to taking out. Things even got more worst for me, a couple years later I found out that I was diganoise with Endometriosis(went thru surgery for that). I thought having more babies was it for me. I've gone thru pain, depression and going into a dark place. Then I even found out that I only have one ovary. I've been trying amd trying to conceive again and my journey is no luck and a long one. But I am not giving up hope or faith. Please pray for me and hope I get pregnant soon. God bless you all! And good luck with your BFPS!