Back to basic

So I was so excited had a BFP and yesterday I started to have a miscarriage. It's frustrating considering I did everything possible to benefit the health of the baby. But oh well.... Apparently the good lord didn't think this was the right time , or that maybe there was something wrong with the baby that he could t handle it and so he took it away.  
​Just waiting for this whole process to be over. I'm not overly upset like I know some people can be (I'm not cold hearted , I just have a strong grip over my emotions), I'm more so looking at the brighter side of it. I bought some things that I would need regardless so now I have them. Then I have extra time to save up more money. I also can spend my anniversary with my husband having a glass of wine, I can drink my coffee.   
​Mostly I just can't wait for this to be over so we can start trying to conceive right away. 
​Just hoping the next time the baby sticks.