Help, and advice

Help? Possible pregnancy?

I had my period 15-20 sept and then 21,22,23 i was spotting light brown in lines and when i cleaned myself it looked kinda pinkish brown, then this last week i have been feeling so tired and sleepy all i want to do is sleep because i feel i dont sleep at night because of the insomnia i wake up every hour to move to another position because im not comfty and my boobs feel swollen my nipples hurt when i touch them and when i take my bra off i feel my boobs so heavy, also i have been with nausea and i still am it comes and goes all day, i have insomnia too and i have been having some creepy dreams of talking animals for example i had a dream about my cat but a bad one, also i have been moody and sensitive and depressed,a lot of gas, im craving salty stuff and more symptoms i have been experiencing is it possible i might be pregnant? I have never experienced this before my period is supposed to come in 7 days i am waiting to test.. Any possibility?, sad thing is that i wont have any support because my family is not that supportive with me :/ and i am afraid i dont have no1 to talk to.